Dr. Ray Guarendi's talk "Back to the Family", July 23, 2015

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By Socorro Wallace 07/24/2015 08:46 PM

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  1. Dominique Blake wrote on 10/15/2015 03:29 PM

    While I miss very much Fr. Wayne & our previous church family, I absolutely disagree with this talk. Spanking is not okay. I would never condone spanking & can not believe it was condoned in a church environment. If I expect my children to be kind, gentle, compassionate and respectful, I must be kind, gentle, compassionate and respectful. Children do not listen to the instructions of hypocrites because it is your actions that guide their actions, not your lectures or punishments. Actions speak to the heart. I can't imagine having 10 children & perhaps spanking is a way to get their attention. But in raising 3, I receive respect and love and obedience. Please, please, please parents, look to connect and bond with your children for good behavior before you hit - yes, spanking is hitting. My youngest has unusual ideas, they are not necessarily wrong. She is inquisitive. I think to myself weekly, thank God she is my child, someone else may have stifled her ideas with constant punishments instead of listening or letting her explore. I'm very disappointed in this talk being presented at church thereby giving the congregation permission to spank their kids. I may not be a psychologist, or a doctor. But I have 3 wonderfully empathetic children, I lead a Girl Scout Troop of girls who have the utmost respect for me, I have several years of Sunday school teaching and I have 5 years of co-op preschool instruction with the emphasis on positive parenting.

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