September 22 and 23, 2012 Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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The argument whether we are saved by faith or by good works. Well we are saved by neither yet we are saved by both. You have all heard the expression to know him is to love him. Yet we know that knowledge precedes love. But, then again, we cannot love what we do not know, but at the same time it is in loving that we discover and experience and know the other. And so faith is the doorway to the house of God. Salvation comes from the Latin word “salues “which means health, health of spirit, health of soul. And so the door, the gateway to the house of God to eternal life is faith. But as St. Paul reminds us clearly there are three things; faith hope and love and the greatest of these is love. St. Paul also says to us I may have faith enough to move mountains but if I do not have love, I have nothing. In other words, we express the truth of our faith in our works. The language of love is sacrifice. It always cost the lover. To be in relationship, to love is always without exception to suffer. You cannot love without sacrifice. It’s impossible, it is not love. We always suffer as a lover without exception. To love is to experience pain. Yes we do experience joy. But if you take pain out of it, it is not love. When someone dies that you love you suffer otherwise it was not love. Many people die every day, but I don’t feel the pain. But when I know them and I am in love with them, I suffer. When my mother dies, I will suffer and I will mourn and I will cry my heart out because of my love. The lover always without exception suffers. We are not strangers in God’s house. Every one of us is the beloved and He is the Lover. We are called to express our faith in acts of love. We do things for our children not because it is our duty we do it because of love. We honor and take of our parents not because it is our duty we do it out of love. We do it out of love. What good is it if I have the faith to move mountains I and I do not have love. It is nothing. And that’s what St. James reminds all of us here today about our faith. Our faith opens us to eternal life. But you and I are called to through the deeds and the actions to express the living faith the will of the living God. We are most happy we most content, we are most satisfied when you and I open ourselves to love, even though it will cost us.. We are least happy, we are least content when we build a wall around us and we cannot see beyond the horizon and there is no hope. Love, faith and hope are inseparable. You cannot have the one without the other. They go together. But we know we have faith and there is hope because we love. It is because you and I love that we reflect the future and hope. And this is what our faith calls us to every time we come to the Sacrifice of the Mass and we experience and know the symbol of love the power of love revealed to us in the Crucifix. And we will always have hope because of His love for us. And we are called in a similar way to express our faith and the hope in the future by not being afraid but by loving because He conquered our greatest fear which is death. So to be Christian is to be a woman or a man of faith and hope and in love. We are always without exception in love. We are always without exception in love.

Glory to be God who can do infinitely more than you and I could ever ask for or begin to imagine. Glory be to God from one generation to the next ,through Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, today, tomorrow, and please God, always. Amen

By Socorro Wallace 12/22/2012 04:05 PM

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