Father Dawson Homily September 23, 2012 0900

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Readings: Wisdom 2:12, 17-20, James 3:16 – 4:3, Mark 9:30-37

The argument whether we are saved by faith or by good works. Well we are saved by neither yet we are saved by both. You have all heard the expression to know him is to love him. Yet we know that knowledge precedes love. But, then again, we cannot love what we do not know, but at the same time it is in loving that we discover and experience and know the other. And so faith is the doorway to the house of God. Salvation comes from the Latin word “salues “which means health, health of spirit, health of soul. And so the door, the gateway to the house of God to eternal life is faith. But as St. Paul reminds us clearly there are three things; faith hope and love and the great

By Socorro Wallace 09/23/2012 04:37 PM

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